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Who Are We

Utab Media is a high end technology company that works on many different Platforms, to cater the needs of the huge segment called ‘Active Music Lovers’.
Those active music lovers are people who are engaged with music, people who would like to learn, practice or just love to play along with their favorite songs.

The company acts in the evolving space of Automated Content creation and it is world's first company to focus on the field of automated music clips creation.
Company's first platform is
A unique Edutainment channel that enables users to learn, practice and play along with their favorite songs.
We also have a division that develops a toolbox , specially for artists and musicians

Our Technology

Company's products based on a unique technology
that combines 2 components

MVM – Music Video Maker

Automated Audio to Video converter (Chords, Fingering & Lyrics Visualization). This technology converts music audio file to videos that visualize Lyrics and Chords diagrams in-sync with music. It is a set of proprietary technologies that creates cost-effective, sleek videos. These videos bring together visual representations of the chords, fingering, and lyrics, perfectly synched to the track. It’s a richer version of chord diagrams, in motion.

AAA- Audio Analysis Algorithms

Utab incorporates a new algorithm, capable of analyzing and establishing a chorded timeline to every song in the world in just few seconds. Regardless of the record quality, release year and music genre.
The algorithm utilizes intelligent signal processing solutions, dealing with extraction of high level musical information from the music signal like tempo, rhythm, melody and key.