We are music lovers

utab is the new home for active music lovers.
It is a social music platform for anyone who is passionate about music.

If you are engaged with music, play an instrument (or want to start playing),
like singing along or meeting other music fans,
utab is the place for you.

utab is for people like you, that let music play a role in their life.

Yotam Laufer and Sefi Golan. Co-founders, CTO and COO

Yotam Laufer
Co-Founder & CTO

Sefi Golan
Co-Founder & COO

Our Mission

utab is here to create services to the underserved segment that lies between music listeners and music professionals. This huge audience of Active Music Lovers, includes 100M potential users in US & Europe, and is at the core of our offering.

Ofer Oved, CEO

Ofer Oved

Gal Bello, Software Engineer

Gal Bello
VP Product

Pavel Gomon, Direct Marketing Manager

Pavel Gomon
Direct Marketing Manager

Moish Vexler, UI/UX & Design

Moish Vexler
UI/UX & Design


utab is built from the ground up using cutting edge technology to deliver the best user experience everywhere. Enabling our users to experience music like never before, on their mobile devices, their desktop computers, on smart television sets, tablets and more.
If you are interested in our technological solutions, contact us here.

Laura Garcia, Front-End Developer

Laura Garcia
Front-End Developer

Tomai Moneyhon, QA Manager

Tomai Moneyhon
QA Manager

Unique Content Production

utab is home to unique content, all about music, including tabs, news, stories and more. Our elite team of tabbers is made up of professional musicians that guaranty accurate chords & lyrics for each song, synced to perfection.

Or Barnea, Chief Content Manager

Or Barnea
Chief Content Manager

Noam Vardy, Musical Content Manager

Noam Vardy
Musical Content Manager

Elad Manor, Musical Content Manager

Elad Manor
Musical Content Manager

utab for Business Partners

utab for
Business Partners

Our special proprietary videos for business partners (Media companies, music companies, mobile companies and more) are based on our MVM Technology - Music Video Maker.
This technology converts music audio file to videos that visualize Lyrics and Chords diagrams in-sync with music. Partners may get the whole catalog and launch a branded "Edutainment" music channel or platform with no additional development costs.