George Martin, Legendary Beatles Producer, Dies at 90

Photo by Gettyimages

George Martin, the Mastermind Producer Behind All of the Beatles' Records Has Died at the Age of 90

George Martin, also known as the ‘The Fifth Beatle’, has died. He was 90 years old. Sir Martin was a mastermind of recorded music and produced all of The Beatles’ records, from their first day together to their last. He also signed John, Paul, George and Ringo to a label when no one else would. Martin was a talented classical musician and also played the memorable piano solo on The Beatles’ ‘In My Life’. 

In his later years, Martin collaborated with son Giles on a number of projects, including on The Beatles’ ‘Love’ production. In addition to Giles Martin, his survivors include children Alexis, Gregory and Lucy. 

Besides being a musical legend, was always a stylish, talkative and an overall impressive person. On his Twitter profile, Ringo Starr wrote today: ‘Thank you for all your love and kindness George, Peace and Love’.