Crazy Good: This Guy Plays a ‘Meshuggah’ Song Using Candies and Soda’s

Musician Pete Cottrell Not Only Nailed the Song with His Guitar but Also Playing It with Sweets and Soda Pop’s. This Is Crazy

Ladies and Gentleman, put your hands together for ‘MeSugar’ – a fantastic cover made for ‘Straws Pulled At Random’ by technical metal band, ‘Meshuggah‘. But this is not your usual YouTube cover. Musician Pete Cottrell created the cover using only his electric guitar, bunch of snacks, soda pops and all kinds of candies.

For those of you that are not metal-heads –  ‘Meshuggah‘ is not a typical band. They create progressive and technical metal, and it’s very difficult playing their songs correctly. Cottrell not only nailed it with his guitar but also with sweets and soda pop’s. Like the band’s name, this is crazy. You can find more of his videos on his official YouTube and Facebook pages. Don’t miss this.