27 Years Ago Today: ‘Living Colour’ Changed the Rules of the Game

In 1988, These Amazing Musicians from New York Created Something That Was Never Heard Before. So What’s Your Favorite Color?

The first track on the first album is a moment fans always remember. 

It’s those first moments of true love, a love so strong that will stay you forever. People will come and go, yet the music will live on. This is exactly the case for millions around the world with ‘Cult Of Personality‘, the opening track of Living Colour‘s debut album, ‘Vivid’.

- Cult of Personality

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Living Colour‘ was introduced to the world in the last days of Hair Metal era and just before Grunge kicked in the door. But the New York rockers we’re completely different from both genres. Unlike many other bands, ‘Musicianship’ was (and still is) the key word. Combining virtuoso guitar playing and heavy up-beat drum and rhythm patterns with dramatic vocal melodies and serious lyrics, All wrapped in funk, groove and lots of love.  Not an easy task, yet the boys perfected the craft, inspiring others to do the same.

Stands the Test of Time: Singer Corey Glover on Stage

Stands the Test of Time: Singer Corey Glover on Stage

It’s that vibe that takes over you while playing ‘Vivid’. It throws you around from one place to another, yet at the same time making you feel at ease. Letting you know that whatever is troubling your heart and mind – you can just scream it out loud.

The songs perfectly stand the test of time. These days ‘Living Colour’ are playing concerts with non other than ‘Aerosmith‘ with headlining dates interspersed. You can get all the info you need regarding the tour on the band’s official website. In the meantime, play the songs, even right now if you can. Few seconds in  and you will know (or remember) what’s your favorite color. It’s Living Colour.