Courtney Love on Stage: Watch the Singer Covers PJ Harvey's 'To Bring You My Love'

Photo by Gettyimages

Courtney Love Says She Finds Lots of Inspiration in PJ Harvey's Music and Persona. Watch Her Cover This Modern Classic on Stage at San Francisco

Courtney Love keeps moving: The singer held a talk at the Curran Theatre in San Francisco this week. On stage, the singer talked to the crowd and performed songs with her musical partner, Todd Almond. One of those songs was PJ Harvey’s ‘To Bring You My Love’, the title track from Harvey’s critically acclaimed album, originally released in 1995. Watch the performance below. 

In an interview with Pitchfork, The Hole front woman said about Harvey: “PJ Harvey is still what inspires me and makes me know I'm not there yet. I always knew she was better than me, and I liked that. I like knowing that there is somebody who is a better guitar player, who had it down lyrically, and kicked my ass all over town."