This Life Changing Song by ‘Joy Division’ Was Released 35 Years Ago Today

We Decided to Write This Story About ‘Love Will Tear Us Apart’. We Played the Song with the Lyrics in Sync, and Now – We’re in Tears

Confession: 10 minutes ago we decided to write this story about this wonderful song that was recorded by Joy Division 35 years ago. Now – We’re in tears. Singer Ian Curtis was just 22 when he wrote and first performed this song. Less than a year later he killed himself, leaving behind a short yet incredible musical legacy.

Play ‘Love Will Tear Us Apart‘ with the Lyrics & Chords in Sync:  

Love Will Tear Us Apart’ was written regarding the difficult relationship between Curtis and his wife, Deborah. The video was shot by the band with almost no budget at all, yet until today, it means so much to millions of fans worldwide. Less than 3 weeks after these moments were filmed in 1980, Curtis has said his final goodbyes. 35 years later, you can now play this amazing song and video with the accurate Chords & Lyrics in perfect sync. Thank you ‘Joy Division’ for everything, and Thank You Ian. We miss you so.