David Bowie and Aerosmith Featured in SpongeBob Musical

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John Legend, the Flaming Lips, Panic! At the Disco, Cyndi Lauper Are in Too. The Musical Will Premiere June 2016 in Chicago

David BowieAerosmithJohn LegendThe Flaming Lips  and many more will write and record original songs for the new SpongeBob Musical. The show will begin on June 7th, 2016 at the Oriental Theatre in Chicago and lots of SpongeBob fans and families are expected to storm the ticket sales. Not published yet, but most likely a soundtrack including the popular artists will be released as well.

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According to “Broadway in Chicago”, the Musical “unleashes anarchic absurdity under the sea, and on Broadway. Conceived and directed by Tina Landau, it is a rousing tale of a simple sea sponge who faces the unfathomable. It’s a celebration of unbridled hope, unexpected heroes, and pure theatrical invention.

Director Landau stated: “I was drawn to this project not only for its wild theatrical possibility, but also because I felt SpongeBob, at it's core, is a layered and hilarious ensemble comedy. SpongeBob himself is of course its center and beating heart–the eternal innocent in a sea of cynics. He’s also the classic underdog hero, and so our production sets him on a hero’s journey with real stakes, all the while retaining the show’s trippy humor and irreverence. We’re taking our leads from the TV show but this is an original story, with an original design approach, and original songs written just for the occasion by an amazing array of songwriters”.