Look & Feel: '660 Guitars' Wants to Change the Future of Guitar Making

Official Images Taken from 660 Guitars' Facebook Page

Meet the Aluminum Bodied With a Carbon Fiber-Graphite Neck Axes. 'We're Trying to Take to a Different Level', Says Founders Drew Emory and Myke Wilkerson

Aluminum bodied with a carbon fiber/graphite neck: Guitars created to stretch the boundaries of what fretted instruments should look and sound like.” That’s the way partners Drew Emory and Myke Wilkerson describe their creation and vision of their company, ‘660 Guitars’. 

Is this the future of guitar building? Unlike most electric guitar build from wood, Emory and Wilkerson are crafting from aluminum, giving the instruments not only a special sound and feel, but also very unique design. 

One of the company’s latest is called ‘The Viking’, which holds a very unique structure. The model was also put up on Kickstarter for a crowd funding campaign. “We’re trying to take to a different level. It’s time for a change”, Said the two, “We are trying to offer people something to recreate and inspire, to speak to people. I think that’s where we’re going, this is what guitars need.”