It’s Coming: Red Hot Chili Peppers Share New Album Work

Photo by Gettyimages

Take a Look: Drummer Chad Smith Shares an Intimate Photo from the Band’s Recording Process of the New Album

Still untitled and with no info for fans on release date, yet it seems like the new Red Hot Chili Peppers album is getting closer. This past weekend Drummer Chad Smith posted on Instagram a photo from the band’s studio. “Back in the office this week. Feels good”, He wrote, and included a shot of his drum set with singer Anthony Kiedis sitting across with headphones on his head, probably a part of a recording session.

This is the first time fans and media encounter this kind of an intimate shot from the band’s work on the new album. As reportedly, the album is being produced by Danger Mouse (Brian Burton). First time in many years the band is working without their regular producer, Rick Rubin. In a past interview for Rolling Stone Magazine, bassist Flea said the new album will be ‘Super Danceable’. Album will probably be out during early 2016. We can’t wait.