Happy Birthday Kurt: 6 Isolated Vocal Tracks That Will Melt Your Heart

Image taken from 'MTV Unplugged'

Play These Tracks Today, Remember the Greatness of This Young Soul, Hug Somebody If You Need To. Happy Birthday Kurt, We Miss You

Was he alive today, Kurt Cobain would have celebrated his 49th birthday this week. It’s hard to imagine what it would have been like. Older Cobain alive and kicking, still making music. 

With such a tragic end in his life, we can only be grateful for the music he left behind, words and melodies that will stay with us forever, inspiring a generation after a generation. 

Today, to remember Cobain’s music in it’s purest way, we present 6 Nirvana tracks that include only Cobain’s magnificent vocals, Isolated from the band. 

Included are ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’, ‘Heart Shaped Box’ (The most touching of them all), ‘In Bloom’, ‘Breed’, ‘Drain You’ and ‘Something in the way’. 

Play these tracks today, remember the greatness of this young soul, hug somebody if you need to. Happy Birthday Kurt, We miss you.