Listen: Bob Dylan Covers Frank Sintara

Photo by Gettimages

Bob Dylan’s 36th studio album ‘Shadows in the Night’ was released on February 2nd. The album consists of 10 covers for standard american songs, who are also known as the Great American Songbook. Every song on the album was at some point recorded by Frank Sinatra.

Here is Dylan’s version of “Stay With Me” with the Chords & Lyrics in Sync:

- Stay With Me

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“Stay With Me” was written especially for Otto Preminger’s 1963 film ‘The Cardinal’. The music was composed by Jerome Moross (who also composed the film’s score) and the Lyrics were written by Carolyn Leigh.

The whole album has a very mellow atmosphere and like it’s title has a twilight feel to it. The arrangements are kept simple and the steel guitar played by Donny Heron is simply enchanting.