Beautiful: 21 Year Old Amy Winehouse in a Promo Video for Fender Guitars

Your Heart Will Cramp After Watching This Video of Winehouse Plays the Guitar and Talks About Her Love for the Instrument. “I Guess It’s Like Having a Dick”, She Says. Prepare for Laughter and Tears

For the past weeks, the late Amy Winehouse is making headlines as the new documentary ‘Amy’, about the life of the talented young singer is showing around the world. Fans everywhere smile and tear at the same time. While the clips and reviews about the movies appear everywhere, a different kind of clip surfaced online last week.

In 2004, 21 year old Winehouse was featured in a promo video for the famous Fender guitar company, where she is documented talking about her big love for the instrument in her own and very touching way. In addition, we learn that Winehouse was not only a fantastic singer, but also a talented guitar player. Don’t miss it.

- Back To Black

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According to ‘Guitar World‘, “The occasion for this promo was a concert at Wembley Arena on September 24, 2004, celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Fender Stratocaster”.