For the Lovers: ‘Yo La Tengo’ and the Sweetest Video You’ll See This Year

What Would You Do If Giant Hearts Fell from the Sky and Destroy the World? Play the Video with the Chords & Lyrics in Sync. We’re in Love

Truth be told: It is not an easy task keeping your group creative and inspiring after 30 years in the making. Especially when you represent an alternative side to mainstream music, and do not have an army of people working for you. But that’s exactly what ‘Yo La Tengo‘ are doing. Hands down, the band created one of the sweetest music videos we ever seen.

- Friday I'm In Love

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Covering The Cure’s classic, ‘Friday I’m In Love‘, the band created  a video with a movie like story where human size hearts attack and destroy the world. While the apocalypse is taking place, The band’s drummer, Georgia Hubley, walks the streets of Los Angeles and stays unharmed. The video was directed by Jason Woliner.

The sweet band was always known for it’s cover versions. On August 28th, they will release a new album entitled ‘Stuff Like That There’. The album will continue the creative path to ‘Facebook’, released in 1990 and filled with lots of cover songs.

“I Could Hear The Hearts Beating Us Down”. Taken from the video

“I Could Hear The Hearts Beating Us Down”. Taken from the video

According to Matador Records website: “The trio of Ira Kaplan, Georgia Hubley and James McNew now return as a quartet, reuniting with former member Dave Schramm on electric guitar as they revisit the original concept of their beloved Fakebook (a mix of cover songs, ‘covers’ of ‘Yo La Tengo songs, and brand new originals) on its 25th anniversary.  This unprecedented live set-up — Ira on acoustic guitar, Georgia up-front on a small kit, and James on upright bass — marks the first occasion of this particular ‘Yo La Tengo’ incarnation touring together (and since it took them 31 years to get around to doing so, could very well also be the last).

Coming September, the band will start on another USA and European tour, get all the info you need on their website and don’t miss them if they come by your town. Especially the you, the Lovers.