Artist Profile: The Many Sided Musical Paths of Wolves (Amit Ofir)

Photo by James Franzo

From Writing Music for TV, Through Touring Japan and Brazil and Until Working with John Legend, LA Music Man Amit Ofir Is on a Never Ending Creative Venture

Any musician knows that in order to find his true call, it’s always an ongoing quest. Even the ones that made it big. Being very talented is just not enough. Thinking about the people that will listen to what you have to say is is a tough job, but more so knowing what you’re looking for in your own self. The musical life of California’s Amit Ofir is the perfect example. Even though he’s still young, the major possibilities he created for himself as a guitarist, a songwriter and producer are many. Always on a quest.

Amit Ofir

Photo by Daniel Brecher

“I got into music through my cousins, They were brought up in the Netherlands so they were exposed to a bunch of music and they used to listen to Metallica, Slayer, Suicidal Tendencies. The energy  just blew me away as a kid and I was hooked on music”, Recalls Ofir about growing up near Tel Aviv, “My friends and I started exploring and exchanging cassettes of MetallicaGuns N’ RosesMichael Jackson, whatever was available. Eventually I got my first guitar at 13 and started taking lessons from some local guys that exposed me to a bunch of other stuff, mostly shred guitar player music. My younger brother was playing drums and we ended up playing in a few bands together, Mostly covers. We started playing some shows at local bars and that was pretty much the point of no return, I knew I was going to be a musician, it wasn't even a question”.

Making his decision becoming a professional musician, Ofir moved to Los Angeles and not long after started working in the industry. ״I came to LA for music school - Musicians institute. I wanted to learn with the best and just see what's out there and explore the LA music scene”, He says, “I knew that there were more opportunities out there to have a serious career in music. I took the guitar program and got to learn with some of the most amazing guitar players in the world. I also feel that being in this kind of city where there's a big industry and lots of competition really makes you step up your game”.

After finishing school Ofir started working with a trance music artist called Dali. “It wasn't really my thing at the time, but it was a great experience, I learned a lot and it definitely opened me up musically to different genres. We toured Brazil, UK, Japan, Mexico, Denmark, Israel, Russia”.

Being based in LA, Ofir started a rock band with his friends called ‘Abused Romance’ which pretty soon got it’s big break. “We recorded our first EP and it got serious pretty fast, Started working with people like Russ Regan (legendary record executive) and shortly after landed a distribution deal with Universal Music Group. We released an album, had two songs breaking top 40 on the US active rock radio, shot a few music videos and did a few national US tours, opening for bands like ‘Trapt’ and ‘Nonpoint’.

“After the band situation dissolved I was looking for the next step and I discovered my love for songwriting. I started writing and since there was nobody to produce my songs, I started producing myself. I went back and reached out to producer and songwriter Justin Gray (Mariah Carey, Joss Stone, Pixie Lott) and we started working closely together, Mentoring me through my first steps as a music producer.  Shortly after I started producing I adopted the producer name 'Wolves'. Through working with him I got to work with some amazing artists like Natalie Imbruglia, John Legend, Ray Dalton, Wanting Qu, Ryan Cabrera to name a few. I was also playing guitar with my good friends ‘Drugstore Fanatics’ for a while and had the privilege of playing on their latest album".

Last year, together with musicians Daniel Brecher and French, Ofir composed the theme song for a network TV show called ‘Life Flight’ and continued to make music for the show's soundtrack. “I also did a bunch of work with an up and coming LA based artist called Leeuw. She's a super talented girl and we recently released her first single,  ‘Waters’, that's been getting a lots of love in music blogs. This year I have some releases coming out with some promising artists and I'm in the process of securing a publishing deal, can't give out the details yet”.

What would you say was your biggest musical accomplishment by now?
“That changes all the time. As a guitar played I had a blast touring and playing shows to 15,000 people sometimes, but playing my own material, with my own band to thousands of people (when all the people in the front are singing along) is one of the best things. Hearing my songs on the radio was pretty cool too. One time a fan sent us a picture of some of our lyrics she tattooed on her ribs, that was trippy. But I try to push the limit all the time and get better so I'm usually in love with the latest song I produced. I think one of my favorite moments this year was going to Coachella Festival  to see an EDM artist called Deorro play one of my songs. Seeing 10,00 people dance and go crazy to was a real trip”.