Heart Explode: Chris Cornell Sings 'Black Hole Sun' Alone in the Recording Booth

Photo by Gettyimages

It Is Incredible Listening to Cornell Only by Himself, With a Type of Emotion Only He Is Capable of Delivering. Play This. It'll Expand Your Heart

For a few years now, Isolated tracks became popular for music lovers online, especially for devoted fans. There are millions out there on YouTube that will blow your mind. One of the purest, most powerful track we’ve found belongs to Soundgarden, as the mighty Chris Cornell sings the band’s hit, ‘Black Hole Sun’ alone in the studio booth. 

‘Black Hole Sun’ was recorded in the summer of 1993. If we thought highly of Cornell’s vocal abilities, it’s gonna raise up even more. It is incredible listening to him by himself, guided by the playback, how he treats the melody and makes it beautiful and dark at the same time. With a type of emotion only he is capable of delivering. Play this today. It’ll expand your heart.