A Great Moment in Time: Walking on Sunshine

The Modern Classic by ‘Katrina & The Waves’ Celebrates Its 30th Anniversary. Play the Song Like Never Before and Get the Latest Updates on the Singer. And Don’t It Feel Good?

Would you believe it’s been exactly 30 years since this modern classic was released? In late April 1985 the world was introduced to this feel good song and music lovers around the world sent it to the top of the charts, making it a massive hit.

30 years later, Katrina & The Waves stands the test of time. The song still moves people everyday and throughout the years was featured in so many films and soundtracks. Our favorites is ‘The Secret of my Success’ with Michael J. Fox and ‘High Fidelity’, Jack Black is a killer in that scene. Now you can play the hit with the lyrics and chords in sweet sync on the player above.

Exactly on time, Katrina Leskanich just finished a big north American tour, as she brought Kevin Tooley and two of Joan Jett’s former Blackhearts: Jimi K Bones and Sean Koos on the road with her. These days she’s in europe, focusing on her latest album, “Blisland”, which was released summer last year. Get the latest updates on Katrina’s Twitter profile and Facebook page. Catch her if you can.