Bonnaroo: And Then Don Draper Got on Stage and Sang ‘We Are the World’

Photo by Gettyimages

The late night Superjams are one of Bonnaroo’s greatest traditions. Surprise artists come on stage, improvise and all is wrapped in a certain cultural theme.  Last night (June 14), as the famous festival in Tennessee was coming to and end, the best thing happened.

Calling it an 80’s themed ‘Throwback Superjam Dance Party’, Actor Zach Galifianakis started the show and started to recite the lyrics for ‘We Are The World’. One minute in and none other than Jon Hamm, Mad Men’s Don Draper, joined him on stage and started singing the words, A cappella. The crowd of course – Went crazy. This is a must watch.

Jon Hamm on Stage (Photo by: Gettyimages)

Jon Hamm on Stage (Photo by: Gettyimages)

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