I’ll Be There for You: Bon Jovi to Headline Hillary Clinton’s Fundraising Campaign

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The Rockstar Will Host a Fundraiser Titled ‘an Evening with Hillary Clinton’ in His Hometown of New Jersey. Will He Also Perform This Song on Stage?

Jon Bon Jovi was and still is one of President Barack Obama’s biggest supporters. In fact, in 2010 Obama appointed Bon Jovi to the Council for Community Solutions, a group that advices the President with community issues. Obviously, Bon Jovi will continue to support the Democratic party and according to reports, He will stand in-front as a main character in Clinton’s run to the White House.

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On June 29th, the rockstar will host a fundraiser event titled  ‘An Evening with Hillary Clinton’ in his hometown of New Jersey. According to NJ.com, “Prices for the fundraiser range from $1,000 for open seating to $2,700 priority seating”. Besides hosting, the singer will also get on stage and sing a few songs. It’s safe to say that this is just the beginning of the road for Bon Jovi’s support in Clinton, that by media predication, will be the democratic canaanite for President. May the best woman or man wins.