Making Music: The Endless Buzz of Creation

Photo by Vadim Dyment

'The Bells' Are an Independent Rock Group From Tel Aviv, Making Their Way Into the Local Market, Hopefully Breaking Through Internationally. With Releasing Their New Album, the Band Shares on Every Little Detail of Putting a Song Together

Almost every musician knows the long process of creating a song. From the second he or she starts writing it in their room, until they finally performs it on stage, in front of people, hoping to pass the ultimate musical test. 

The Bells’ are an independent rock group from Tel Aviv, making their way into the local market and hopefully breaking through internationally as they will start touring Europe this September. Now, they are launching a new album called ‘At the End of the Day’, which is already available for you on Bandcamp. The album launch will take place on July 14 at Tel Aviv’s ’Tmuna’ theatre. 

Photo by Vadim Dyment

So how will a starting out band will describe their creating process? Omri Vitis shares his take: "It all starts when I realise the melody I'm humming did not exist in this world before it. The melody is my favorite part but that's only the half of it. Lyrics are essential to tell a story, though it's not always an easy task. 

"I usually search for vowels that flows with the melody and those vowels slowly become real words. Sometimes I think the song almost writes itself. My job is to reveal the story the song already holds within.

"When Michael Angelo described his method of work, he said 'The sculptures were already in the marble and all I had to do is to carve them out'. I can truly relate to this way of thinking and this unique way of work when it comes to songwriting.

"The second time I get a buzz is when the song clicks together at a rehearsal with the band. This time I am not the only one who feels it. It's a band thing. It usually takes some time for everyone to find their parts. Luckily, Barak Grossberg, our guitarist, has a natural ear for arrangements so that helps a lot. He usually takes over and puts the song on it's feet while Ron Ephrati, the bass player, and Ran Yonash, the drummer, sorts out the groove.

"The 3rd buzz, we get from our fans, is when we perform live. If our fans feel it , we know the song is really working. We keep on playing it live, constantly tweaking the different parts of the song, until we feel confident this song is ready for recording. If they don't, we're taking it back to the rehearsal room, trying to find out why. When a song passes all our special buzz stages, It will go to production in the studio.

"We hope to achieve the 4th buzz while listening to the finished version of our song. After going through mix & mastering, the song should really produce the desired emotion and tell the story even better than the initial intent.

"The 5th buzz will happen on July 14, While launching the album. We hope you can share that buzz with our fans and us. No computers and no playbacks. Just pure guitar music."