Who Will Compose the Music for the ‘Twin Peaks’ Reboot?

As fans and viewers are getting really excited about the new ‘Twin Peaks’ reboot, it has been reveled that Composer Angelo Badalamenti is  on board to create the new music for the show. Badalamenti scored the original series back in the 90’s as well as other works like ‘Blue Velvet’ and ‘Mulholland Drive’, cult movies made by ‘Twin Peaks’ director and co-creator, David Lynch.

In 1991, the native New Yorker won a Grammy Award for his work on the show as the ‘Twin Peaks Theme’ was chosen for ‘Best Pop Instrumental Performance’.

In the last couple of weeks, fans on social medias are going crazy over the new-old show. almost 25 years after it was taken off the air – The new ‘Twin Peaks’ season will include 18 episodes and original cast members Kyle MacLachlan, Sheryl Lee and Sherilyn Fenn. The new season will run on the Showtime network and will begin sometime next year.