Oh Taylor, What Have You Done?

Fans slam Taylor Swift for the timing of her return to streaming sites on the same day as Katy Perry’s release

After a long departure from the music streaming sites, Taylor Swift decided to get her music catalog on Friday 9 June 2017 at midnight. However, her fans criticized the move for timing it with the release of a new album by a rival pop idol Katy Perry.

The Blank Space artist left Spotify in 2014 after a disagreement with their policy in royalty payments. However, she returned on Friday to re-launch her comeback to streaming music in celebration of selling 10 million copies of her 1989 album worldwide.

 At the same time, Katy Perry was releasing her album, Witness. Katy and Taylor fell out of their backing dancer on the tour they had done together. Instead of the fans celebrating her comeback, they went to the social media platforms to brand her as immature due to her timing.

 One of the Twitter users posted, “I think we all agree that Taylor Swift is the most immature artist of all time that we have around.” Another one said, “Seeing @taylorswift13 back on Spotify on the very day that @Katy Perry launches her new album is the most immature thing that any ADULT can do #growup#

 A fellow singer Lily Allen also got into the Twitter maze by adding

 Taylor Swift had earlier said that she hates Spotify. Now she is back on Spotify… coincidentally, on the same day as Katy Perry’s Witness release… ALL SHADE (sic). Hundreds of retweets and tweets rent the social media as one music fan after the other gave his or her views. Most of them described it as ‘the next level of pettiness.'

 The funniest of came from a user who accused her of stealing Katy’s thunder in her actions. The fan said, “Taylor Swift is that kind of a person that would go into labor during someone else’s’ baby shower or announce that she is engaged at someone else’s wedding party. 

 Earlier Taylor had written the song Bad Blood about the feud with Katy but has never admitted that the song was about Katy. However, Katy recently opened up about it during a talk show with James Corden saying that she tried to reach out to Taylor about their fall out, but Taylor shut down all avenues to resolve the matter.

Katy had also told the Britain NME Magazine that she wished she could turn on the other cheek but given that she is not a pushover, she let the matter stay as it was.