״There's Nothing You Can Tell Someone Other Than F*cking Survive״

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'"It's a Horrible Thought to Say You Should React Differently – to Be Less out There, to Be Less Visible, to Have Less Pride, Literally. But at the Same Time, Be Safe", Said Punk Rock Star and Leading Transgender Activist, Laura Jane Grace, After the Orlando Shooting to Rolling Stone Magazine

The world was left in shock after the shooting in Orlando’s Gay club, ‘Pulse’, leaving 50 dead and dozens in critical condition. Two days before the events, YouTube Sensation, Christina Grimmie, was shot and killed at a concert in Orlando. Looking back at the events, including the shooting at the ‘Eagles of Death Metal’ show in Paris last year, there was one artist with significant words, Against Me! Singer and leading transgender activist, Laura Jane Grace.

Laura Jane Grace with Andrew Rannells ('Girls') 

Talking to Rolling Stone Magazine, she said: “You'd ideally want to think that venues and shows and clubs, places where people are going to dance and celebrating and enjoying life would be the safe place, but it's clearly not. To think that whatever crazy fucking religious wars or whatever wars are happening out there are leaking into those areas, it's so fucking terrifying."

"In a show environment, you're putting so much trust on everyone – venue, audience, everything," she says. "But it can't change. The only alternative to not doing shows, or having events or places like that, the idea of heightened security, of metal detectors or body scans before you can go into a place like that to enjoy yourself just seems so fucking New World Order and crazy to me, too. I don't know what the solution is, other than gun control, frankly. It's insane."

"It's a horrible thought to say you should react differently – to be less out there, to be less visible, to have less pride, literally. But at the same time, be safe," Grace urges. "I don't know what fucking advice to give to people in these types of situations. Trying to put myself in those situations, in a nightclub or in a show space or a signing to have something like that happen, ״there's nothing you can tell someone other than fucking survive."