At 71, Keith Richards Is Unbelievable and Will Teach You Guitar Moves

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Best Keith Richards Interview Ever? The Man Himself Talks Honestly With Matt Sweeney From 'Noisey' and Teaches the Viewers a Few Moves. Don't Miss This

This just might be the best Keith Richards interview ever. It’s not everyday the man himself gives a personal and honest interview such as this one, but the wonderful Matt Sweeney, host of ‘Guitar Moves’ at Vice’s ‘Noisey’ music channel, delivered the goods. 

In the personal meeting, Sweeney talks to Richards about the first time he picked up the guitar, the first tunes he learned how to play, his 5 string technique and other wonderful stories in the life of the Rolling Stone. Richards even picks up the guitar and beautifully demonstrates how it’s done. Please clear your next 16 minutes and watch this. 

- Wild Horses

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