Steven Tyler Delivered a Brilliant Performance of 'Come Together', Celebrating Lennon's 75th Birthday

Photo by Gettyimages

Happy Birthday John Lennon: The Aerosmith Frontman Sang 'Come Together' From the Bottom of His Heart and Created Magic. Watch

Yoko Ono, Eric Church, Aloe Blacc, Willie Nelson, Sheryl Crow, Kevin Bacon, ‘The Roots’, Tom Morello and many others took part celebrating John Lennon’s 75th birthday at New York’s Madison Square Garden on Saturday night (December 5th). 

It was a true celebration of Lennon’s music and life and perhaps the most exciting performance was brought by Steven Tyler. The 'Aerosmith' frontman sang ‘Come Together’ from the bottom of his heart and created magic. Watch below. 

The big show in New York benefited the poverty fighting organization, ‘Robin Hood’ and the show will air on AMC on December 19th. “Rock & Roll is here to stay”, said Yoko Ono on stage, “And every song is a story”.