This Fingerstyle Guitarist From Sweden Is Fantastic. Watch

From Sweden to Japan: Her Name Is Gabriella Quevedo, and She Is Another Online Phenomenon, so Young, and Playing the Guitar in a Beautiful Way Since She Was 12

Her name is Gabriella Quevedo, and she is another online phenomenon. So young, and playing the guitar in a beautiful way since she was 12. She is a fingerstyle guitarist and on her YouTube channel you will find wonderful versions for artists like MetallicaNirvana and Michael Jackson. Watch the videos here, it’ll brighten up your day.

Since getting great success on YouTube, she has been traveling and performing in her home at Sweden, Germany, and these days she is playing Japan. 

On her website, she writes: “I was born in Sweden Jan 12, 1997. My dad – a guitarist with Argentinian roots - plays guitar all day long and I love to listen to his music. 

"When I turned 12 I picked up my dad's Yamaha and tried to play by myself. Indeed, playing guitar by myself is so much more fun and I continued to teach myself

“One day in Aug 2009 I found a video showing Sungha playing the guitar and I felt in love with this kind of guitar music: fingerstyle guitar! This guitarstyle indeed guided my life into another direction! My parents supported my talent and bought me my own instrument. Another Yamaha in shiny black color - like my fathers one – and with a cutaway too.”