Tears in Your Eyes: Brian May Tries to Sing 'Love of My Life' but the Crowd Takes It Away

It's Moments Like These That Reminds You That Music Lasts Forever, It's Bigger Than Us, Larger Than Life. Don't Miss This

24 Years ago today (11/24), Freddie Mercury passed away. Its hard to believe it’s been so long, since Mercury’s music and personality lives in millions of hearts everyday. Sometimes it actually feels like Queen is bigger than ever. And this video proves it very well.

In September, 'Queen' and Adam Lambert played ‘Rock in Rio’ festival in Brazil. Endless amount of people we’re standing there, singing along and admiring the music that changed their lives. Yesterday, the band posted the most touching moment of that show, and this will bring shivers down your spine. 

It was the moment Brian May sat on the edge of the stage’s catwalk by himself. With the acoustic guitar on his lap, he tried to sing the band’s wonderful song, ‘Love Of My Life’, but he couldn’t, and the incredible audience in the festival sang it loudly for him, for Freddie. It’s moments like these that reminds you that music lasts forever, it’s bigger than us, larger than life. Don’t miss this.