Trent Reznor: 'I Was Afraid What I Have to Say Wouldn't Be Good'

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Saying Goodbye to the 'Minimoog Voyager' Synthesizer, Reznor Is Articulate, Deep and Touching as Always. Fans and Musicians: Don't Miss This

There’s no one like Trent Reznor that can describe a deep relationship with a musical instrument and electronics. The Nine Inch Nails man appears in a new video by the Moog company, talking about his early musical path and the how the Moog synthesizer was a huge part of it. Still is. 

According to the Moog Website: “After 13 years & 14,000 instruments, production of the ‘Minimoog Voyager’ is  coming to an end. Moog will lovingly handcraft 600 final units of the Minimoog Voyager at their factory in downtown Asheville, NC”. To say goodbye, Reznor stepped up to elaborate on the magical technology of the Voyager, But most importantly, about the man that is working the keyboard and how he expresses his emotions through it. Musicians and fans: don’t miss this. Reznor is articulate, deep and touching as always.