‘Compton: The Soundtrack’ to Be Released on Vinyl, First 150 Copies Signed

With Massive Success These past Months, Dr. Dre Is Now Giving the Fans a Little Treat with the ‘Compton: The Soundtrack’ Vinyl Edition

It’s a Dr. Dre day everyday: The musical Superman announced today (Aug, 17) that his new album, ‘Compton: The Soundtrack’ will also be available as a vinyl record and pre order is now open at Dre’s web-store. The record will come out as a heavy 180-gram vinyl and in double gatefold jacket. 150 first copies were sold with Dre’s autograph on them for the same price.

Play Dre's tracks with the Lyrics & Chords

Play Dre’s tracks with the Lyrics & Chords

The album that surprised the music world was released last week exclusively on Apple Music and already listed 25 million streams. Last week the N.W.A. movie, ‘Straight Out Of Compton’ was finally out and after three days the movie is topping the box office charts. This all after Dre, partner Jimmy Iovine and Apple launched ‘Apple Music’ two months ago. We can safely say that Dr. Dre is the living prof: No matter how high you climb, you can always get even higher.