Behold: The 7 String Monster, Dino Cazares’ Ibanez Guitar

Image taken from Dino Cazares's website

We admit: We are obsessed with signature guitar models here at YouTab Magazine and the wilder they are – the better. This next one comes from the mighty Ibanez and super metal guitarist, Dino Cazares. The ‘Fear Factory’ and ‘Divine Hersey’ man has been working with Ibanez since the 1990’s but recently launched the 7-string DCM100. Here is a short clip of Cazares tells everything we need to know about this beauty.

Metal fans, take notes: The guitar includes a DCM 3pc Maple / Budinga neck with a 26.5″ scale. A Mahogany body & Seymour Duncan Retribution pickups. The guitar is made in Japan, and if you buy it, a hard shell case is included.

These days Cazares and Fear Factory are on the move. Earlier this month they played Australia and this coming summer they will hit lots of heavy festivals around Europe.