A Moment in Time: PJ Harvey Reminds Us That ‘This Is Love’

Photo by Gettyimages

The mysterious and highly acclaimed singer, PJ Harvey, finished recording her ninth album these days as part of an exhibition titled ‘Recording In Process’. In the special project held in London, visitors could watch her, featured musicians and crew work on the album in real time.

- This Is Love

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With this great news, we celebrate a new entry on YouTab to one of Harvey’s memorable songs (and videos) from her lovable album ‘Stories From The City, Stories From The Sea’, released in 2000. “You’re the only story that I never told, You’re my dirty little secret, wanna’ keep you so”, Writes and Sings Harvey, “Come on out, come on over, help me forget. Keep the walls from falling on me, tumbling in – This is love that I’m feeling”. Play the song with the lyrics & chords in perfect sync. This is for all the crazies out there.