Play the Game: The All New ‘Queen’ App

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A Trivia Game with a 1,000 Questions, Puzzles, Word Games and Images, the Band’s Music and a Chance to Win Some of  Queen’s Merchandise. What Else Would We Need?

“With beautiful imagery from Queen’s official archive, re-sampled sounds from all the hits and many recordings you may not have heard, this is a truly unique Queen experience”. That’s how Brian May, Roger Taylor and anyone else on Queen’s tech crew describes the band’s new app.

45 years after the band’s formation and 24 years after Freddie Mercury’s death, the band now got it’s own app. Available on Android and iOS, The app (called ‘Play the Game’, in the name of one of the band’s lovable songs) a Trivia game with a 1,000 questions, puzzles, word games and images, the band’s music and a chance to win some of  Queen’s merchandise. Nice, huh?

Play the Band’s Classic Anthem ‘Show Must Go On‘ with the Chords & Lyrics in Sync:

- The Show Must Go On

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The new app comes just in time as Queen (Roger Taylor and Brian May) will be on a touring hiatus until September. Singer Adam Lambert that joined the duo on stage, singing the band’s old songs will be busy with his new solo album, ‘The Original High’ which will be released June 16th.