Crazy Funny: This Is How Drummers Look on Drugs

Playing Skilfully, Musician Jared Dines Demonstrates How Drummers Look While Playing Under the Influence. Isn't Marijuana the Funniest?

Don’t you just love the internet? Jared Dines is a well known musician, publishing his videos on YouTube, combining his love to hard rock music with comedy. His latest video is one of the funniest we've seen in a while.

Sitting behind the drum set and playing it very skilfully, Dines demonstrates how drummers look while playing under the influence of different kind of drugs (Isn’t marijuana the funniest?). Switching from one playing state to another, Dines keeps you laughing the entire time. You even don’t have to be a drummer. Click the play and you can also watch more of Dines' videos on his YouTube channel.