5 Isolated Layne Staley Vocal Tracks That Will Send Shivers Down Your Spine

Image taken from MTV Unplugged

Listen to Staley (and Jerry Cantrell by His Side) as He Sounds Alone in the Recording Both, Giving His Heart Out. We Miss You, Layne

14 years ago today (April 4), Layne Staley died. Today (or any other day) we should only remember his gift to this world. His music, his lyrics, his incredible voice. Staley, left us only at 34, had an amazing gain. 

To remember him in the purest way, now will be the time to play anyone of these ‘Alice in Chains’ Isolated vocal tracks. Listen to him (and Jerry Cantrell by his side) as he sounds alone in the recording both, giving his heart out. We miss you, Layne.