To One of The Coolest Man Alive: Happy Birthday Frank Bello

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Bello, the Man of Many Talents, Will Blow out 50 Candles Today. Send Your Wishes and Play the Heavy Music

This day (July 9) on 1965, Frank Joseph Bello was born. 19 years after that day, he Joined a band that will change Heavy Metal Music forever. That band was Anthrax. Bello, a Man of many talents, will blow out 50 candles today. Now’s the time to wish him a Happy Birthday and to play the heavy music.

- Got the Time

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More than 30 years in the making, Anthrax stands today as one of the most influential groups to ever to be seen in the world of metal. With 100% raw power and energy, the New York band is still going strong and are working on a new album as we speak, their follow-up to the wonderful “Worship Music”, released in 2011.

Photo by Gettyimages

Photo by Gettyimages

If you follow him on social media, especially on Twitter, you already know that Bello is one of the coolest, most nicest guys out there. Not only his love for the band and the bass guitar is showing everyday, but also lots of other creativity and laughs. Recently, the bass-man even launched his own brand of merchandise.  T-Shirts and mugs with a drawing of his holding a cup of coffee, and it all reads: “Before Coffee… Metal For Life”. It’s Metal for Life indeed. Happy Birthday Frank, Thank you for everything.