Goodbye Mr. Draper: Wonderful Mad Men Musical Moments We’ll Always Remember


Now It’s Time to Say Goodbye: Play the Songs with Perfect Lyrics & Chords from the Most Stylish Show That Ever Appeared on Our Screens. Thank You Men and Women of Madison Avenue, We Miss You Already

It’s over

After 8 wonderful years, last night millions of viewers around the world said their last goodbye to the men and women of Madison Avenue. ‘Mad Men’ had everything. Setting aside the stories and the brilliant acting, It brought an endless amount of style, and there’s no such thing as style – without the music to go with.

Taken from “The Runaways” Episode. Goodbye Don, Will Miss You Soon

Taken from “The Runaways” Episode. Goodbye Don, Will Miss You Soon

Looking back at the lovely songs and scores that were featured on the show, we wish we could have posted them all for you to reminisce and get all mushy inside. But we’ll start with two great ones, which you can all play with the accurate chords and lyrics in perfect sync, getting as deep as you can into the music. Just as you did watching Don, Betty, Roger, Pete, Joan, Peggy, Magen, Sally, Stan and the rest of them.

‘(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction‘  – The Rolling Stones (Season 4, episode 8, “The Summer Man”)

- (I Can't Get No) Satisfaction

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2.3 Million viewers watched ‘The Summer Man’ episode in its original airing in September, 2010. Picking The Stones to be featured on the series is obvious, but it’s this classic tune that contacted perfectly well with the time Don Draper tried making himself a better man. Writing a journal, cutting on drinks on moving his body. For the long term, it was not the satisfaction he was looking for. But he tried.

‘This Will Be Our Year‘ – The Zombies (Season 7, episode 2, “A Day’s Work”)
‘This Will Be Our Year‘ – The Zombies (Season 7, episode 2, “A Day’s Work”)

Quoting the ‘Mad Men Wikipedia’, this is how the end of this episode is written: “Don drops Sally off at school, and as she leaves the car, she wishes him a ‘Happy Valentine’s Day’ and tells him that she loves him. Don watches as she walks up the steps of her dormitory”. For those of you that watched the show – that one goes straight to the heart, huh? Reminiscing on that scene, we’ll leave you with the song that was featured on that very dramatic episode. The perfect ending not only for the episode, but perhaps for the entire Mad Men saga. “Yeah we only just begun, yeah this will be our year”, Sing The Zombies, “Took a long time to come”.