Tommy Lee Says Goodbye to 'Motley Crue': "It's Gonna Be Weird"

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"This Is the End. We Decided About This Seven Years Ago After a Meeting in a Hotel Room in Japan. We Didn't Want to Fade off Into the Abyss and End up Playing County Fairs, It's Not a Good Look", Says the Drummer

It’s the end of the road for ‘Motley Crue’. On New Year’s Eve 2015, the notorious band will get up on stage for the last time. This grand finale will be held at LA’s Staples Center, where the band will play three nights in a row to a sold out crowd. The perfect venue for saying goodbye in their hometown of Los Angeles. 

These days, the band is touring Europe before going back to the US. As time goes by, millions of fans are starting to imagine the life without their favorite band on stage. But not only the fans of course, as its going to be a touching moment for the band members themselves. 

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Talking to, Drummer (and some will say co-frontman) Tommy Lee, shared his feelings about going to the end of the road: “There’s not gonna be a comeback”, He said,  “Not like the ‘Eagles’ or ‘Kiss’ or any other band I could name. It’s definitely the last one. We decided about this seven years ago after a meeting in a hotel room in Japan. We didn’t want to fade off into the abyss and end up playing county fairs, it’s not a good look. We have done what we wanted and in fact kicked the fuck out of it. 

“I can’t imagine what that will be like. I think about it every time we play now, because every time we finish a gig, in a small way, it is the last time for that crowd. I tell you what though -  it’s going be weird. Man, it’s going to be weird”.