Common & John Legend Win Oscar For Best Original Song: “Glory”

Legend & Common at the Oscars (Photo by Gettyimages)

The song was written by John Legend, Common and Che Smith (AKA Rhymefest). Taken from the motion picture “Selma”, a historical drama about the Selma to Montgomery marches in Alabama in 1965 to secure equal voting rights for African-Americans. The marches were led by civil rights movement leaders Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Hosea Williams and James Bevel portrayed by Common in the film.

Play ‘Glory’ With The Chords & Lyrics In Sync:

- Glory (From the Motion Picture "Selma")

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“Glory” is the third hip-hop song to ever win an Oscar, the first being Eminem’s “Lose Yorself” in 2002, the second was Three 6 Mafia’s song “It’s Hard Out Here For A Pimp” in 2005 (which was the first time a hip-hop song was performed at the Academy Awards).