African Music, Groove and Pop: Meet Arlene Gould

Photo by Michelle Claire Gevint

One of the Latest Grooves Coming from the Indie Scene in New York Belongs to Arlene Gould. Play Her New Music Video with the Chords & Lyrics in Sync and Discover the Style She Describes As “A Multinational Mix of Caribbean and Israeli Roots by Origin”

It’s overwhelming how many musicians arrive to New York from other countries and states, coming to play music in the capital of the world. Arlene Gould is one of them, and her newest single and video, Rollin’ (ft. Lucille Crew) is the latest musical fusion you’ll find of African music, Groove and Pop, coming from the big city. Gould would describe it as “A multinational mix of Caribbean and Israeli Roots”. Now you can play the song with the lyrics and chords in perfect sync. Turn it up, dance if you will.

“The single is a sneak peek of my six tracks EP album which I’ve been working on for the past year”, Says Gould to YouTab Magazine, “The album is expected to be released by this summer. My way is independent and I do everything DIY. I am working on planning my first U.S and hopefully European tours. I have taken this long shot upon myself with this project to reach as many international ears and places and I’m not going to stop until I achieve that goal. My upcoming show will take place at Make Music NY Festival on June 21st 2015″.

How are you liking the life in New York? what is the best part and what’s the worst part about it?

“New York is an amazing city and to me her downfalls forms an integral part of its completeness. It’s a very challenging city, especially for an immigrant. It’s full of opportunities. The ‘difficulties’ and the criteria it sets for success which I call ‘challenges’, urge you to face and reassess yourself constantly and acknowledge the fact that despite the millions of inhabitants you have unique qualities and the capabilities which is very personal and only yours. this amazing strength must be initiated to propel you towards your goals. New York city doesn’t stop moving and it is very hard to be a bench player in her court. So you have to keep on Rollin’”.