Dave Grohl Caught in the Crowd at a Metallica Concert

Can You Not Love This Guy?

How cool is this guy that while he could easily find a comfy place to see this show from a VIP booth or any private area, he chose to have the real experience as any other Metallica fan (as he claims he always was). 

According to an interview from 2015 Grohl told Creative Loafing that he had bought Metallica's first album on a cassette. “I had never heard of them. I didn’t know anything about them other than they had a cool name, and the description said “thrash metal.” I didn’t even know what that meant. I had listened to tons of punk rock music, and I loved Motörhead, but thrash metal? That sounded scary and cool. So I sent them my $6 or $7 and a couple weeks later I get this tape in the mail. It was Kill ‘Em All and it blew my fucking mind.

So it doesn't really matter that he later on became an iconic musician who delivered the same experience to thousands of Foo Fighters fans, cause once a fan always a fan.