Researchers Say: Bassists Are the Most Important Members of the Band

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New Studies Suggest the Human Mind Reacts Much Better to Lower Tones than the High Ones, Making the Bass Player the Most Important Human Element in a Band

Seems like forever bass players of all kinds have been overlooked a, especially in rock bands. There are many reasons why this is considered true. A bass player stands somewhere between the beat, the melody and harmony. He is responsible for everything, and therefore, a lot of times the bass player is hidden and many fans miss his or hers true significant meaning.

- Englishman in New York

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Recently, the website brought together new studies that suggest the human mind reacts much better to lower tones than the high ones, making the bass player the most important element to reach people’s minds and hearts. according to the site: “Researchers from McMaster University in Hamilton, Canada, found that there’s a reason why bass lines tend to fill out the background of a song, leaving the theatrics to higher-pitched instruments. Our brains are far better suited to establishing a song’s rhythmic feel if they occur in lower tones”.

The site also brings a different research from Northwestern University: “Studies found that bass-heavy music is far more effective at inspiring feelings of power and drive in listeners. To discover that, they had participants listen to pieces of music with altered bass levels. ‘We chose to manipulate bass levels in music because existing literature suggests that bass sound and voice are associated with dominance’, Dennis Hsu, one of the study’s authors, told Science Daily“.