This Incredible Soundtrack Came out 23 Years Ago and Changed Rock Music Forever

Like it or not – ‘Singles’ will always be an inspiring film that brought young love and music together in it’s finest form. Do you remember the first time you watched it?

23 years ago today, the musical era that was dominating modern culture was documented as a feature film. Therefore, ‘Singles’ was not just a film. It’s was (and still is) a celebration of a time that changed not only the modern music history, but actual young lives around the world.

Of the Soundtrack: Play the Unplugged Version of ‘State of Love and Trust‘ by Pearl Jam with the Chords & Lyrics in Sync

- State Of Love And Trust (live)

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Writer and director Cameron Crowe connected everything together: The young, post college, women and men, hanging out together in Seattle’s wonderful grungy scene, constantly sitting around the coffee shop as each one seeks a better life for him or herself. As days goes by they are witnessing first hand the incredible local music scene that changed the world. In between the songs of Pearl Jam, Soundgarden, Alice in Chains, Screaming TreesMother Love Bone, Mudhoney and Chris Cornell, they learn that they are all the same  –  They just want to be loved.

From all films that were inspired by a musical era, Crowe might just nailed it better than anyone else. Not only he assembled a fantastic soundtrack but also collaborated with the lovable musicians on camera. Alice in Chains and Soundgarden were caught playing live on stage, Chris Cornell made a funny surprising cameo and of course, Pearl Jam’s Eddie Vedder, Jeff Ament and Stone Gossard assembled ‘Citizen Dick’, the stereotypic, always failing, funny grunge band led by Cliff Poncier, portrayed by Matt Dillon (at his best).

Off the Soundtrack: Click on Matt Dillon's and Bridget Fonda's beautiful moment to play 'Nearly Lost You' by the Screaming Trees with the Lyrics and Chords in perfect sync

Of the Soundtrack: Click on Matt Dillon’s and Bridget Fonda’s beautiful moment to play ‘Nearly Lost You’ by the Screaming Trees with the Lyrics and Chords in perfect sync

And just like that, ‘Singles’ triumphs where most romantic comedies fail. It wonderfully stands the test of time, inspiring newer generations. Whether it’s music fans following their favorite artists into the screen, or film buffs that are discovering the wonderful sounds of 1990’s Seattle via the on screen relationships. Sure, music and filmmaking keeps changing all the time. But love? Love stays exactly the same.