The No. 1 Artist of the Week: R.E.M.

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R.E.M. Hits ‘Artist of the Week’ on YouTab. Play Lots of the Band’s Famous Songs with the Chords and Lyrics in Perfect Sync

Although this amazing band broke up four years ago, R.E.M. is and forever will be in our and in millions of others fans hearts. Going strong for more than 30 years, the always humbled band touched the lives of so many of music lovers around the world, releasing 15 albums (not including EP’s, remix’s, live albums and compilations).

Now, R.E.M. stars as the ‘Artist of the Week’ on YouTab, as you can play lots of the band’s famous songs with the chords and lyrics in perfect sync. Here’s just one of them: The classic and breathtaking, ‘Everybody Hurts’.

- Everybody Hurts

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‘Shiny Happy People‘, ‘Losing My Religion‘, ‘Drive‘, ‘Stand‘ and many more are now included in the Band’s profile on YouTab. Click on each song with the green ‘V’ flag and behold the chords & lyrics flowing with the music in great sync. This is the time to say thank you Michael, Peter, Mike & Bill. Play the music and Put it in your heart, where tomorrow shines.