The One Prince Interview You Must Read

Photo by Gettyimages

'I Don't Think About Gone. I Just Think About in the Future When I Don't Want to Speak in Real Time', He Told Only Two Years Ago to Rolling Stone Magazine

With the devastating about Prince’s death, many media platform have published old interviews with the man himself. The one that touched everybody is an unpublished interview conducted by Rolling Stone writer, Brian Hiatt. The full story of that night will appear in the next issue of Rolling Stone.

When asked about what’s going to happen when he’s gone, Prince said: “I don't think about gone. I just think about in the future when I don't want to speak in real time.”

Prince was also asked about the possibility of retirement. “I don't know what that is”, He said, “There's always some way to serve. And I never felt like I had a job. life spans are getting longer. One of the reasons is because people are learning more about everything, so then the brain works more, makes more connections and then eventually we'll be in eternal brain mode because we'll be able to hold eternity in our minds.”