This Amazing ‘Poison’ Album Was Released 25 Years Ago

No Doubt – the Boys Knew What They Were Doing. They Created a Record That Will Stay with Us Forever.  Including the True Essence of Glam and Bombastic Rock Just Before Grunge Kicked in the Door

For those of us that grew up in the 80’s and 90’s, Its hard to believe that ‘Flesh & Blood’, Poison‘s 3rd studio album, marks it’s 25th anniversary this month. Released in June 21st 1990, the album peaked at number 2 on the Billboard chart and until this day sold more than 7 million copies worldwide. Some will say, the band’s best album of all time.

- Something to Believe In

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There’s no doubt – The boys knew what they were doing. Bret Michaels, C.C. DeVille, Bobby Dall and Rikki Rockett, together with John Webster on keys and producer Bruce Fairbairn created a record that will stay with us forever.  Including the true essence of glam and bombastic rock just before Grunge kicked in the door. To celebrate the album’s 25th anniversary, you can now play the classic and touching ‘Something to Believe In’ video with the Lyrics & Chords in perfect sync. This is Rock.