Cutest Thing: Metallica’s Singer and Garfield are now one as ‘Hetfield The Cat’

Photo By Gettyimages

This Is What Happens When the Singer of the Biggest Metal Band and the Most Famous Cat in the World Become One

Cutest thing we’ve seen in a while: Metallica‘s singer, James Hetfield and the famous cat ‘Garfield’ are now one in a new comic strip called ‘Hetfield‘, created by artist Jimmy Two hands. In the drawings, the known character of Garfield is now called Hetfield, as the art style remains exactly the same like the Garfield comics we know. The artist also kept the style of humour used in the original comics, but now – Garfield (Hetfield) only talks in words that has to do with Metallica or Metal music. Sweet, right?

We still haven’t seen reports if Mr. Hetfield himself saw this cool spin-off. If not, hopefully he will now. You can catch all of the ‘Hetfield’ bits on it’s official Tumblr and Facebook profiles.