Justin Timberlake’s New Music Adventure

And You Would Never Guess What It Is

If you’re a 90’s kid/baby or older, you already have been well acquainted with JT for decades now. If not, brace yourself for a mini education. Justin graced the music scene as a member of NSYNC, who was in competition with the Backstreet Boys. In the 2000s, the group split up and Justin has been the most popular from this era to emerge as a solo artist. Once known as a sex symbol thanks to his musical style and persona, Justin has now settled down with Jessica Biel; together, they have a son. Due to his role as a father, Timberlake’s taken a unique turn for style: children music in the form of a lullaby. 

Rockabye Baby Music has been able to master the impossible: making songs relatable to parents and children. For a while, they have been able to create renditions of songs from Adele, Coldplay, the Beatles and Bob Marley. Timberlake has been added to the mix with his songs, “Bye Bye Bye,” “Can’t Stop This Feeling,” “Mirrors”, and “Cry Me A River.” Sales for the songs will begin officially on the 18th of August, but you’re able to preorder.
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