Iron Maiden to Release Double Album in September

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The Band’s Long-Awaited Release “The Book of Souls” Marks Frontman Bruce Dickinson’s Recuperation from Cancer Treatment

Now that Iron Maiden singer Bruce Dickinson has been given the all-clear from cancer, the band is set to unleash their long-awaited double album. The world of heavy metal music is highly anticipating the upcoming effort “The Book of Souls”, scheduled to release on September 4. The album will contain 11 tracks, some of them clocking at over 10 minutes, with a total running time of 92 minutes.

Play along with Maiden’s 1988 classic “The Evil That Men Do“:

- The Evil That Men Do

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The album was recorded in Paris with Iron Maiden‘s long-time producer Kevin Shirley in late 2014, with the finishing touches added earlier this year. The cover art for “The Book of Souls” was created by British artist Mark Wilkinson, who has worked with the band before.

"The Book of Souls" album cover

“The Book of Souls” album cover