In Tears: 5 Unbelievable Isolated Vocal Tracks by Freddie Mercury

Photo by Gettyimages

Listening to Mercury in the Studio, Just Him and His Headphones, Will Drop You to the Floor With Tears, and a Second Later Will Get You up Running, Smiling, Raising Your Hands to the Sky

FACT: The music we know and love is a part of our brains and hearts. It’s with us all day, everyday. Sometimes it feels like it was always there, from the second we we’re born. It’s a part of us, like the oxygen we breathe. 

There’s a lot of sounds that are deeply secure in our system with such a great force. The cars on the street, our phone ringing. But when it comes to famous human voices, Freddie Mercury’s unbelievable gain is right up there. 

Last week, we we’re happy to create and publish a playlist of isolated vocal tracks from the Grunge era. Now, It’s time for the Queen

Listening to Mercury in the studio, just him and his headphones will drop you to the floor with tears, and a second later will get you up running, smiling, raising your hands to the sky. 

For this emotional time we’ve chosen 5 famous tracks. ’Somebody To Love’, ‘Love Of My Life’,  ‘Don’t Stop Me Now’, Under Pressure (With David Bowie) and ’The Show Must Go On’. Play this now. for yourself and for the people you love. You won’t regret it.