Loving Uma: You Won’t Believe How This ‘Fall Out Boy’ Video Plays Online

Photo by Gettyimages

Three days ago ‘Fall Out Boy‘ released the music video, ‘Uma Thurman’, and it’s been trending like crazy around the globe. If your’e a fan – you will really love how the video plays on YouTab, as the accurate lyrics, chords and beat all flow in perfect sync with the music. Just press play.

- Uma Thurman

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As anyone can see, the song references the beautiful Hollywood actress Uma Thurman, especially her Famous dancing scene with John Travolta on Pulp Fiction (“She wants to dance like Uma Thurman”). It was published that the actress gave the band the permission to use her name. Another famous pop culture reference in the song is the musical sample, taken from the theme song of the American TV classic, ‘The Munsters’.

The song is taken off the ‘American Beauty/American Psycho’ album and you can play lots more of the band’s songs on their YouTab page.